Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Without a Spark by George Berger

So, Stonewallians, why is this book ranked 342,054 in the Kindle Store? Not sure myself, because I found it to be a fun read.

I don't laugh aloud when I'm reading something - and if I do it's rare. I didn't do that while reading Without a Spark, but there were some funny, clever moments. And this is draped in front of a good plot, clear writing, and unique characters that I haven't seen before.

The plot unfolds nicely, Berger does a good job of avoiding info dumps and gives us what we need know at the right time. There is some sex in the book, if you're worried about that one way or another. There are a few reviews on Amazon (here!) that may provide more insight than I can, seeing that I am an amateur reviewer and all.

I liked Berger's dry humor and got a kick out of his self-flagellating humor on his website here. (Not to be confused with self-flatulating humor, which would be worse.)

If you are biased against self-published authors, here are a couple of points to assuage your angst: the book was formatted correctly and I didn't find any typos. In two or three places the dialog was a bit garrulous, but I got through it in about fifteen seconds.

I'd like to see this book get more sales - it's quick and well though out. The book is worth at least $2.88 and a few hours of your time.

And I'd like to see these characters again. What better rec can I give? Fo' Stars, Jorge.

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